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International Network for Nepali Journalists (INNJA), formerly known as International Nepali Journalists Association-INJA, is a non-profit umbrella organization of all Nepali Origin Journalists who are working/living in the USA and, all over the world. INNJA provides network, resource and platform for Nepali origin journalists scattered all over the globe. INNJA, Washington DC headquartered organization, has its main mission to act as a research-based resource center to facilitate, promote and strengthen the quality of media, media persons and press in Nepal and abroad. One of the main objectives of the INNJA is to uplift Nepal’s rural journalism. The INNJA headquarter is permanently located in the Virginia, USA. INNJA has its affiliated associations in different region and nations such as Europe, America, Australia and Asia.

  • We work to build trust in news media through networking, training, education and research because we believe that fact-based communications delivered by well-trained and ethical media professionals are essential to help people better understand the world around them.

  • We inspire and support talented Nepali youth individuals to become dedicated journalists and we encourage diversity in journalism.

  • We help to maintain friendly relationship with member journalists working in USA and other countries by creating chapters around the world

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