Strengthen Nepali Media by ethical guidelines, resources, training and

We help to maintain friendly relationship with member journalists working in USA and other countries by creating chapters around the world

The main objectives of the Association are to:
1. To unite all Nepali origin journalists from all over the world.
2. To stimulate high standards, ethical behavior, and excellence in the practice of
3. To inspire and support talented Nepali youth individuals to become dedicated
4. To encourage diversity in journalism.
5. To establish and promote relationships with national and international organizations
related with journalism.
6. To maintain a friendly relationships with member journalists working in the USA
and other countries by creating chapters around the world

7. To engage in the development of a responsible and accountable social-
community-professional media activism.
8. To conduct study, investigation, seminars, training, symposium, etc. on
subjects related to journalism & mass communication.
9. To learn, pursue and implement new ideas and innovations.
10. To work with intellectuals, professionals, experts, and social activists for the
authenticity, trust, and integrity of the modern era of journalism.
11. To establish, maintain, operate and conduct a training center relating to
international journalism by delivering educational resources for teaching,
learning in this area, as well as organizing a mentoring program for
journalists in the media domain.
12. To educate the public by offering courses, seminars, conferences, workshops
and interactive events on the relevant issues.
13. To contribute to the advancement of education by offering study
scholarships, prizes, fellowships, and any other type of financial support to
the needy fellow journalists and media community.

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